GSM Towers Webinar

TowerXchange has taken the unprecedented step of granting an exclusive webinar to introduce Tower Shield to a hand-picked selection of the world’s most innovative towercos.

Register now and join us at 2pm CET / 9am EST next Wednesday, 27 September for an exclusive insight into Tower Shield and what it can do to enable you to add more tenants onto your existing towers! The webinar will include:

A technical briefing on the Tower Shield prototype

Proof of concept: enabling a tower designed for TWO tenants to accommodate a FOURTH tenant at a fraction of the cost of a structural upgrade

Why you only need to deploy lightweight structures when rolling out new towers

Your chance to ask questions!

Register now and download the Towershield article

The prototype Tower Shield will be unveiled at the TowerXchange Meetup Africa at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg on October 3 and 4, and at the TowerXchange Meetup Asia at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on December 12 and 13!