Editorial: introducing the TowerXchange Meetup

Top 200 decision makers in African towers to gather at TowerXchange Meetup

The TowerXchange Meetup will accelerate the transactions, innovations and partnerships that unlock new efficiencies for the African tower industry.

TowerXchange has created a unique community of 1,868 decision makers in African passive infrastructure, and set out to share best practices through this journal. Insights can be found on a page, but new relationships are formed and deals agreed face to face, so it’s time to invite you all to the inaugural TowerXchange Meetup Africa.

The leaders of the African tower industry have warned us that they don’t want or need a conference; there is too much competitive sensitivity for the pioneers to say anything interesting “on the record”. That’s why TowerXchange have created a Meetup, not a conference.

The TowerXchange Meetup is designed around structured networking round tables held under the Chatham House Rule, plus “Shootouts” in which buyers shortlist the energy equipment, RMS and managed services partners they need to stabilise and reduce opex.

Business leaders in passive infrastructure feel disenfranchised by today’s telecoms exhibitions, overrun as they are by devices and VAS.

TowerXchange maintains a laser-beam focus on towers, on passive infrastructure, and on the low energy, compact active equipment that stretch the capacity of Africa’s towers. So while 1% of Mobile World Congress exhibitors are from passive infrastructure, and 5% of AfricaCom, everyone you meet at TowerXchange will be a passive infrastructure decision maker.

Let me tell you how the TowerXchange Meetup will work. The TowerXchange Meetup is by invitation-only, and those invitations will be extended in early June. However, you can e-mail me to apply for your place now. The open, strategic debates hosted at the TowerXchange Meetup require that the event is for decision maker level people only. Usually that means Director, VP or C-level only, but if you’re the top tower decision maker for your business and you’re a manager or executive, drop me an email and we’ll confirm whether we can extend you an invitation.

TowerXchange carefully manages the ratio of buyers to sellers, and plans seating so that each round table includes a senior representative of a towerco, an investor, advisor, RMS or static equipment manufacturer, a tier one OEM, a managed service provider, and two senior decision makers from an operator. Attendees will participate in four different round tables, each with a regional or topic matter focus chosen to meet their specific objectives. So attending the TowerXchange Meetup guarantees you an agenda tailored to answer your questions, and guarantees “face time” with 28 decision makers at prospective clients, suppliers or partners interested in the same segment of towers and sharing the same round table as you. Of course, attendees also have lavish networking receptions to network with the rest of the top 200 African telecoms infrastructure decision makers.

Finally, if you are one of African towers’ thought leaders and you want to share your expertise by hosting a round table at the TowerXchange Meetup, please contact me.

I look forward to meeting you in Johannesburg on October 1 and 2!

All the best,

Kieron Osmotherly

Founder, TowerXchange

M. +44 (0) 7771 148001



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