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Hosted by an export moderator, roundtable discussion groups bring together a cross section of the tower industry supply chain to share ideas, expertise and challenges around specified topics or markets. Each roundtable will assemble up to 20 executives and will last an hour. With two roundtable sessions scheduled on each day, participants will have the opportunity to join four roundtables during the course of the event




Session 1 | Tuesday 3 October: 12.15 - 13.15

  • 1A: Rethinking the industrial design of towers for tomorrow’s networks
    Harald Timm, Director & Senior Advisor, Ericsson

    1B: Future proofing the towerco business model
    Chuck Green, Executive Chairman, Helios Towers Africa

    1C: Provisioning for and handling MNO-towerco disputes: what is the path to win-win resolutions
    Neil Taylor, Group Chief Commercial and Legal Officer, Eaton Towers

    1D: Renewable energy options beyond solar: is there a business case?
    Stuart Kelly, VP Market Development, Bladon Jets

    1E: How fully integrated hybrid power systems help optimise OPEX reduction
    Boyan Lazarov, Head of Telecom Division, METKA IPS

    1F: Nigeria
    Gordon Porter, former CEO, American Tower Nigeria

    1G: The future networks: urban density, rural coverage and who will be the infrastructure owners
    Sharedh Naicker, Senior Key Account Director, Intelsat Africa

    1H: Creating and protecting value in MLAs
    Robert Dixon, Partner, Vinson & Elkins

    1I: Rooftop Sites: Issues with site safety
    Spencer Crawford White, CTO, Delmec

    1J: Specifying a site management system: what parameters to prioritise
    Dana van den Berg, Executive: Technical Facilities, Cell C

    1L: How to create a successful BTS towerco
    Cornelis Wessels, CFO, Atlas Tower

    VIP: Buyer briefing
    Invited sponsors and exhibitors only

Session 2 | Tuesday 3 October: 14.35 - 15.45

  • 2A: Extending generator and battery lifespan: what is achievable and how?
    Rob Salbego, Technical Director, Helios Towers Africa

    2B: Avoiding poorly constructed MLAs: war stories from the front line
    Sally Overall, Group Commercial Consultant, Eaton Towers

    2C: How to improve the business case for solar solutions
    Lynette Gordon, Sales Director: Key Accounts, Vertiv

    2D: South Africa
    William John Turner, Strategic Technologies - Property, Vodacom SA

    2E: Sizing and locating the small cells and DAS opportunity in Africa & Middle East
    Harald Timm, Director & Senior Advisor, Ericsson

    2F: Five year forecasts for MNO M&A and network investment
    Alastair Jones, Partner, New Street Research

    2G: Sustainable business models for connecting the unconnected
    Dion Jerling, Co-Founder, Connect Earth

    2H: Ways and means for controlling escalating cost of land
    Danica Steyn, National Site Acquisition Manager, MTN

    2I: Improving tower assessment and strengthening
    Roy Cursley, Director of Operational PMO, Helios Towers Africa

    2J: Innovating together to reduce opex and protect margins
    Arthur Chaves, Director, Antosc

    2K: Where does the financial value come from in the towerco business model and how can it be maximised?
    Jon Atkin, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets

    VIP: Regulatory focus group
    Towercos only

    VIP: Buyer briefing
    Invite only

Session 3 | Wednesday 4 October: 11.40 - 13.00

  • 3A: West Africa
    Sohail Haider, Pan African Towerco

    3B: MENA

    3C: Verification & validation of on-site activities leading to quantified time saving, OPEX reduction and asset utilization
    Ankur Lal, CEO, Infozech

    3D: Southern Africa
    Alisa Amupolo, CEO, Powercom

    3E: Staying innovative and defining your niche in the global tower industry
    Lieuwe Boonstra, National Business Dev & Lease Up, Atlas Tower

    3F: Performance of the world’s listed towercos: what does this tell us about the appetite for their business models?
    Chris Grundberg, Head of Equity Research - UBS, South Africa

    3G: What will a network typology look like in 2020-2025 and what does this mean for towercos?
    Lars Stuber, Ericsson’s former head of Managed Services Engagement Practice

    3H: Balancing colocation sales and barter arrangements: what is best for an operator?
    Dana van den Berg, Executive: Technical Facilities, Cell C

    3I: Towerco bonds: appetite, performance and future potential
    David Murphy, Head of TMT, EMEA, Standard Chartered

    3J: The role for towercos in fibre and its impact on valuations
    Darragh Stokes, Managing Partner, Hardiman Telecommunications

    3K: Maximising value from decommissioning
    Alex Leigh, Chief Commercial Officer, Helios Towers Africa

    VIP: Energy focus group
    Invite only

Session 4 | Wednesday 4 October: 14.30 - 15.30

  • 4A: East Africa
    Terry Rhodes, CEO, Eaton Towers

    4B: ESCO partnerships and business models
    Neil Taylor, Group Chief Commercial and Legal Officer, Eaton Towers

    4C: Strategies to reduce energy load on cell sites
    Miloud Abdelilah, Managing Director, MEA, Eltek

    4D: Ghana
    Jean Farhat, Group CEO, NETIS

    4E: How will IFRS15/16 affect the tower industry and tower transactions?
    Gaurav Bath, Managing Director, Global Communications Group, Citi Investment Banking

    4F: Active sharing: what is the roadmap to successful adoption?
    Marco Cordoni, Senior Partner, Analysys Mason

    4G: Making site visits more effective through process excellence
    Colin Gaston, Director of Operations & Technology, Helios Towers Africa

    4H: Deployment models for shared small cells and DAS
    Darragh Stokes, Managing Partner, Hardiman Telecommunications

    4I: The value of data as a source of service and revenue for towercos and MNOs
    David Meganck, COO, Acsys Technologies

    4J: Upskilling and scaling your contractors
    Adedoyin Adeola

    4K: Reducing timelines to survey sites and co-locate new antenna
    Spencer Crawford White, CTO, Delmec