What is a Meetup?

TowerXchange Meetups are networking events held annually in Africa, Asia, Europe and Americas. We only focus on the governing dynamics of the telecom infrastructure space and attract leading towercos, MNOs, suppliers and investors under one roof in some of the best locations in the world.

80-90% of the leading towercos and MNOs attend

At other telecom events, a maximum of around 10-15% of the CXOs who lead tower strategy for MNOs and towercos are in attendance. At TowerXchange we regularly attract multiple senior representatives from 80-90% of the towercos active in any region, as well as the majority of MNOs. And thanks to our unique structured networking round tables, everyone has access to these decision makers.

Laser beam focus on towers

Another problem with other telecom events is that passive infrastructure is typically hidden away as an under-appreciated small part of a broader show. The huge audience of middle management, device and VAS influencers at other events dilutes access to the few tower decision makers present. In comparison, TowerXchange has been described as a “networking club for tower geeks” – everyone you meet at TowerXchange is focused on towers, and everyone you meet is a decision maker.

TowerXchange is doing a tremendous job for the tower industry in Latin America. The opportunity to get together in one location and exchange ideas over several days with all of the tower companies in our region is truly invaluable – Jim Eisenstein, Chairman and CEO, Grupo TorreSur

Accelerate vendor selection

If you want to buy telecom tower structures and accessories, energy equipment, energy services, RMS, ILM, access control, H&S equipment, or if you want to contract with tower construction and O&M firms, then the private expo at the TowerXchange Meetup provides a ‘who’s who’ of proven passive infrastructure equipment and service providers.

Identify opportunities for your business today…

TowerXchange introduces each Meetup with our proprietary research, defining the size of the tower market in each country, identifying who owns the towers today and predicting the future tower transaction pipeline. We also track network rollouts, extensions and densification, and examine ownership of energy assets and the prospects for energy service providers.

…And opportunities for your business tomorrow

We use MNO and towerco CXO panel sessions to understand the future of the tower industry. What has been the progress of tower transactions and of portfolio integration? What future acquisitions are planned? How is capex being deployed? What are the priorities of efficiency programmes? Are opex-sharing models being explored? Are microcells, small cells and DAS being rolled out?

Unique structured networking

TowerXchange’s renowned round table breakouts are led by an expert moderator, but everyone’s opinions and questions are welcomed. Each round table focuses on a specific country, financial or operational issue. You can attend three or four round tables at each Meetup. Register now to secure your choice of round table and tailor your agenda to meet your networking objectives!