Regulatory Focus Group

Characterising and tackling threats to the independent towerco market globally

Tuesday, 12 December 2017, 4:10pm (concurrent with Roundtable II)

In order to facilitate open dialogue, this session is for towerco management teams exclusively and will be held under Chatham House rule.

Globally, TowerXchange track 275 towercos. It’s a small community and a community often poorly understood by third parties it comes into contact with; from landowners and local communities to regulators and government departments.

Often incorrectly grouped with spectrum holding operators and increasingly subjected to new taxes and local ownership stipulations, such classification and treatment of the sector presents a threat to the towerco business model.

This December we invite towerco management teams and legal and regulatory departments to join a focus group designed to look at some of the emerging threats to the towerco industry and how we can collectively, as industry, look to address them.

This is the second in a global series of regulatory working group meetings, aggregating to create a global knowledge and best practice sharing resource for regulatory, legal and government liaison professionals within towercos.

Key discussion points:

Regulatory overreach being observed in the towerco sector globally and the perception on how this could evolve

Challenges dealing with multiple federal and local jurisdictions and the taxes and permits imposed

The level and structure of engagement with regulators in participant jurisdictions: is this currently working?

What key issues are keeping regulatory and legal teams up at night?

Experience of working with local telecom associations: How extensively do MNO and towerco needs converge? Is – there are a need for multiple local or regional towerco bodies?

What outside support / insight would be useful in tackling some of the challenges raised?

How are towercos licensed / how should they be licensed?

Host: Eric Crabtree, Chief Investment Officer, IFC

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