Qowisio’s Ultra Long Range technology cuts the cost of RMS by 30%

Proven RMS vendor enables towercos and MNOs to share one controller between multiple sites, and to provide new VAS within the IoT ecosystem

Read this article to learn:

  • How many sites and sensors can be controlled from one QowisioBox controller?
  • How ultra long range technology saves both capex and opex
  • How improved tamper-proofing adds even more savings
  • Opening up new opportunities to create VAS within the IoT
  • ‘Plus and Start’: Improving ‘deployability’ by making the system wireless, easy to install and remotely configurable

TowerXchange has seldom come across a remote monitoring competitive differentiator in as significant as Qowisio’s Ultra Long Range radio communication technology. Whereas once upon a time, every remotely monitored site had it’s own controller with a finite number of ports to add extra sensors, Qowisio’s Ultra Long Range communication technology, combined with the wireless, ‘plug…

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