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Distributed R-ESCO Association

Purpose: to faciliate the adoption of renewables in place of diesel generators on 350,000 sites, thereby eliminating 12.7m tonnes of carbon emissions while setting a power platform for community power and rural electrification for over 136m people.

Mission: to establish a common set of principles, practices, governance, technology, and an accredited value chain to assure optimal results for all stakeholders.

Thesis: The distributed renewable energy-as-a-service space in emerging markets has been in a nascent stage of development for the past six years and is now on the cusp of massive growth throughout emerging markets, particularly in Africa and Southeast Asia. There are also pockets of activity in Northern Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and even Europe.

The tipping point is approaching based on a six-year track record demonstrating the ability to securitize assets, raise local project finance and provide predictable, attractive returns. As with any renewable power development project, the finance-ability (and scalability) should be based on the merits of the deal, assuming all else is standardized and readily available in the market, i.e. distributed renewable technology, supply chain, financeable contracts (PPAs), etc.

However, at this early stage of this niche market, best practices and the necessary components are not yet standardized or regulated, nor is there a unified voice to facilitate regulatory initiatives for the sake of the space.  This is the ultimate goal of the association; to establish a common voice, regulation and sharing of best practices to achieve market adoption in this emerging space.

Together with TowerXchange, we are aiming to establish an industry association that protects the interests of the industry, while also proactively focusing on achieving the specific, impactful objective of displacing diesel on over 350,000 cell tower sites in the emerging markets.

Our concept is simple, and the distributed R-ESCO Association will provide the following benefits to the stakeholders;


1. Speak with a single voice to regulators

2. Benchmark technology partner performance

3. Refine governance and business models

4. Attract investment

5. Share best practices and proofs of concept

6. Accelerate and deepen engagement with MNOs and Towercos

For Towercos and MNOs:

1. Cut through the hyperbole and learn what RESCOs can really do for you

2. Explain the terms under which you will do business with RESCOs

3. De-risk RESCO partnerships by accessing performance benchmarks

4. Learn what technologies, business and and governance models work – share your own experiences!

5. Reduce carbon emissions and accelerate compliance with green energy targets

For Investors:

1. Get to know the management teams at RESCO pioneers

2. Understand the terms under which MNOs and towercos will do business with ESCOs – and the investibility of those contracts

3. Accelerate your due diligence by learning about live deployments to date

4. Connect with like-minded investors to form consortia

5. Reduce carbon emissions and accelerate compliance with green energy targets

Our collective success target is 350,000 cell tower sites solarized under RESCO management or similar.

A common vision and collective approach via the R-ESCO Association for the value chain: 

1. TowerCo’s/MNO’s to open their sites to external or acquire a RESCO partner

2. Government – RESCO unified voice to lobby for stimulus/mandate on solar conversion

3. EPC & O&M contractors – shared vision and training

4. Common Tech Platform – NOC/Management, ERP/Invoicing/billing reconciliation

5. Supply Chain – volume pricing

6. Community Power partners

The association will share best practices, business models, processes, risk mitigation, standardized MSA/contracts, technology, supply chain and other useful resources, while also establishing a unified voice to influence policy and assure the health of this evolving industry.

We look forward to having you involved!

To learn more and register your interest in participation, contact Alternatively join founding members of the RESCO Association at one of the three forthcoming TowerXchange Meetups:

TowerXchange Meetup Americas, June 16-17, Boca Raton Resort & Club, Florida

TowerXchange Meetup Africa & ME, October 19-20, Sandton CC, Johannesburg

TowerXchange Meetup Asia, 13-14 December, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Download the RESCO Association brochure

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